MosaicVoice Introduces Automated Call Dispositioning

Despite all the advancements in call analytics, the call disposition remains our most powerful tool for understanding agent conversations. Yet, as any tenured manager will tell you, it can also be our most problematic.

To date, call dispositioning has been an entirely manual process, relying on the agent to correctly categorize call outcomes. While dispositioning one call is simple, the manual task quickly becomes burdensome as productive agents make over 100 calls per day. Not only is this disruptive to the workflow, but the combined time wasted on manual dispositioning equates to missed opportunities for additional customer conversations.

The result: Many calls are not categorized, or worse, miscategorized. Managers are left with dozens of calls dispositioned as “other” and no additional insight into the conversation.

MosaicVoice is excited to announce the industry’s first automated dispositioning tool!

Our software listens to both sides of customer conversations and uses machine learning to identify context. This insight allows us to accurately disposition calls without disrupting the agent’s workflow.

Calls can be dispositioned into industry-standard buckets (e.g., gatekeeper, voicemail, disqualified lead, etc.) or custom categorizations designed by the user.

In the below example, our beta user provided us with a detailed map of call outcomes. This relatively complex flowchart highlights 9 potential call dispositions.

Call Dispositioning Framework

Prior to the deployment of MosaicVoice, this user struggled with nearly 20% of calls being dispositioned as “other.” This meant that, where appropriate, managers would have to go back and manually listen to call recordings to better understand call outcomes.

By deploying MosaicVoice, our customer was able to automate the dispositioning work as well as re-disposition historic calls. The “other” bucket is now a thing of the past – 100% of calls are now reviewed and dispositioned by our software.

MosaicVoice not only gives managers visibility into agent performance, it also frees up agent capacity to have more customer conversations. Once calls are complete, agents no longer have to manually disposition outcomes.

The results are shown in a simplified dashboard that allows managers to understand calling patterns and identify common trends.

MV Call Dispostion Dashboard

At the same time, our platform allows managers to easily identify calls requiring additional review as well as best-in-class calls where agents displayed outstanding behaviors.

MV Call Review Dashboard

If you’re interested in learning more about how MosaicVoice’s auto-dispositioning capabilities can help streamline workflows for your team, sign up for a demo and we’ll be happy to share more!

About MosaicVoice

MosaicVoice is the industry-leading real-time analytics software solution built for high-velocity calling environments. Our software listens to customer conversations as they’re happening and actively guides agents through the call script. We help agents manage customer objections by prompting them with the appropriate talking points right at the moment of need. Our software surfaces insights that help managers understand which talk tracks are most effective and where opportunities for improvement exist. All of this is delivered in a simple, easy-to-use web application that can be installed in minutes, no integrations required.

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