MosaicVoice Makes Customer Feedback Actionable

In many ways, feedback from the customer is the most valuable input a business can get. That said, it’s also the most difficult to solicit, quantify and track over time. Customer feedback often comes through anecdotes, usage patterns and churn. The unstructured nature of these learnings means that the insights are often lost, misunderstood or, at best, escalated and measured in an uneven way.

The result – valuable customer feedback is overlooked, mistakes are repeated, and revenue opportunities are missed.

MosaicVoice is the first analytics tool to track and categorize customer feedback in a contextually aware manner. As customers raise objections, our software identifies patterns, highlights similarities and escalates to managers. For the first time, managers get an unbiased, comprehensive view of customer feedback.

The MosaicVoice platform can bucket objections into standard categories and track trends within those categories over time.

Customer Objections - Standard

MosaicVoice is also able to track more sophisticated objections that can be designed by the user.

In the below example, our Beta user wanted to better understand negative sentiment around the product. With MosaicVoice the user was able to categorize all customer objections by topic. Below we see the custom objections: UX Design, Customer Service, Integrations, Web Porta, Set-up.

We can see from the below that in the last month, customers complained about the UX Design during eight calls.

Customer Objections - Standard

If we dive deeper, we can see the detail around the eight customer complaints:

Customer Objections - Detail

We are now shown the individual quotes related to UX Design. Reviewing the customer quotes, we quickly see that customers have found the user experience too convoluted. This information can now be fed back to the product management team and will be used to inform ongoing development.

We also have the option of diving deeper into each customer quote. By clicking "See Call Report" we can view analytics around the conversation, listen to the recorded call, anotate the transcript, and share the experience via email.

If you’re interested in learning more about how MosaicVoice can help streamline workflows for your team, sign-up for a demo and we’ll be happy to share more!

About MosaicVoice

MosaicVoice is the industry-leading real-time analytics software solution built for high-velocity calling environments. Our software listens to customer conversations as they’re happening and actively guides agents through the call script. We help agents manage customer objections by prompting them with the appropriate talking points right at the moment of need. Our software surfaces insights that help managers understand which talk tracks are most effective and where opportunities for improvement exist. All of this is delivered in a simple, easy-to-use web application that can be installed in minutes, no integrations required.

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